The 25 Worst Cars Ever Sold

When it was initial announced, we suspicion it was an Apr Fool’s joke. When we saw a photos, we suspicion someone had gotten artistic with Photoshop. But no, it incited out to be true: Aston-Martin, a signature British outlandish code and James Bond’s badge of choice, was going to sell a chronicle of a Scion iQ microcar.

Need we even explain because this is such a tragically absurd idea? No, substantially not, though we will anyway: The iQ (and therefore a Cygnet) was a stubby small city automobile with a 1.3 liter engine.

It was totally abandoned of motorist appeal, and even a advantage of Japanese build peculiarity was nullified in a Cygnet, given Aston-Martin built it in a UK. Though inexpensive for an Aston, it sole for 3 times as most as a Toyota-branded version. (Aston-Martin didn’t try to sell a Cygnet in a US.) This is a Aston that James Bond would expostulate if he found himself unemployed, destitute, and impotent.

Why would Aston-Martin do something so ridiculous? The thought was to lift their fuel economy form in gripping with European standards. The smirch in this devise was that it compulsory people to indeed buy a car. Aston was anticipating for 4,000 sales per year; instead they changed usually a hundred and fifty in total, and gave adult perplexing after dual years.

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