Design Disasters: The Ugliest Cars of a Last…

For some reason, Rolls-Royce, a company with a lane record for elegant, undying design, decided to let Italian pattern organisation Pininfarina have a go during their new two-door. Apparently, it never occurred to them that there competence still be some post-WWII rancour in Italy. What a famed styling residence sent behind was this goofy, wide-eyed mimic of a classical Corniche coupe. We’re doing Rolls a preference by display we a Camargue from a front, because the behind is even worse — a butt-end of a Camargue resembles any one of a series of cheap, unknown Fords and Vauxhalls of a era.

When a Camargue went on sale — as a many costly automobile ever offering to date, mind we — they promoted a split-level atmosphere conditioning complement as a many modernized in a world, a device to get punters inside a automobile where they could no longer see a exterior. The Camargue languished in a salon for usually over a decade, though usually 530 people were suckered into shopping one.

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