Thirteen cars that will shock a daylights out…

There’s a reason many cars don’t have their engines in a behind like a 911 does: It’s a terrible idea. Like a Chevrolet Corvair, Volkswagen Beetle, and several other cars on this list, a rear-engined 911 is disposed to oversteer (fishtailing), though a 911’s is of a lift-off variety. Let’s contend you’re bombing down a racetrack or a nation highway and we unexpected lift off a stifle to delayed down.

In any car, this shifts weight off a behind wheels and on to a front. If we occur to be pushing a 911, and if if we occur to have a steering circle turned, a front of a automobile will try to go in your preferred instruction while a behind finish tries to go straight, and ’round we go, tushy-first into a weeds. Porsche didn’t unequivocally tame a automobile until 1994, thirty years after a introduction — and even afterwards it was dicey until a introduction of electronic fortitude control.

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